Mission Statement

 At Little Minds our goal is to provide your child with a lasting education.  We respect children for how they learn and nurture, and let them experience growth in a positive learning environment.  LM will always continue to build success within our staff.  We'd like to set standards for everyone and let every child have wonderful experiences that will follow him or her for a lifetime.

子供英会話 世田谷 リトルマインズについて


Our philosophy is that we love teaching and have dedicated Little Minds to provide the best opportunity to experience learning in a warm home-like atmosphere. When we decided to open our school, we put our heart and soul into our place and felt we had something to share with everyone. We believe that an education is a life-long impression. As children learn they share curiosity, innocence and happiness. LM wants children to believe in themselves and know that learning can be achieved when they receive respect, love and caring. We realize this yields positive results in every child. Meeting these needs is our priority. We understand the challenges of teaching in today's society and LM values child first. Our school takes great pleasure in helping children achieve their goals and success.

Little Minds is a great choice for your child.
 Here is why!
 We are a small international school located in Setagaya residential area.  Our classroom is cozy and comfortable , filled with various learning materials and a large variety of interesting toys and craft supplies.  Our class is relatively small with a teacher/student ratio 1 to 5.  Each student gets a lot of attention, and our professional teachers create an unique way to teach every child.  We discover our students` talents all together.  Our school feels like home where children feel happy and learn their first skills.  Children really enjoy being here.
 We do have the best teaching team, who absolutely love their craft.

Patricia Yoshioka


 Hi, my name is Patricia and I’m a head teacher and one of the founders of Little Minds International School.  Passion for teaching children was the biggest reason for me and my team to open  LMIS in 2007.  I have a master’s degree in education & linguistics and more than 10 years of experience in teaching English in Japan to children ages 1 to 16.  My lessons contain a large variety of activities.  I like to get to know my students, about their likes and dislikes and base my lessons on things they can relate to.  I enjoy introducing children to English and motivate them to use it as a tool to make their life more challenging and exciting.  I am also a mom of two.  Both of my children are Little Minds students.  I love to craft and sew. I often implement arts & crafts in my lessons.  I love to read, listen to the music, cook and travel every time I get a chance.  Japan has become my home and I absolutely adore living here.  I speak fluent Japanese, but prefer using only English in class.  My biggest joy is to watch my students’ grow in many ways, see them mastering their language skill and exploring the world.  Many of our students still visit us after they graduate and often bring their younger siblings and friends to join  LMIS.

Brook Cooper

 Hi, my name is Brook and I'm a teacher at little minds.  I'm from England and came to Japan in 2015. Previously, I worked as a scientist in the UK where I completed a PhD.  Now my passion lies in teaching in early childhood education and I have found teaching children to be very rewarding.  It is wonderful to see children learning and growing in the warm and enjoyable environment we create at little minds.  Here everyone is given the freedom to express themselves as individuals.  I enjoy travelling and have visited several countries in Asia.  Living in Japan has been a dream of mine for many years and I absolutely love living in Tokyo.  I feel very lucky to be part of the team at Little Minds where every day brings something new.

Grant Matsuoka

 Hi, I'm Mr. Matsuoka.  I have been teaching in Japan for 29 years with a couple more helping out at a local ESS/ECC club near Yokota AB in the early 80s.  I have a BA degree in ESL from the University of Hawaii and started in the JET program in Ueda City in 1987.  I've taught at JHS and SHS students and visited and taught at facilities for handicapped students while on the JET program.  After coming to Tokyo, I've taught vocational students at the Bunka Institute of Foreign Language, and was the Coordinator for the Returnee Program at the Kanda YMCA. (where I helped build the program from about 30 students to over 120 students in about two to three years.  I ran a one room school for almost 7 years near Yotsuya Station that averaged about 15 to 20 students.  I've been at Little Minds for about 3 years now.  I've had lots of wonderful experiences helping students and watching their English get better and better.  I am friendly and funny and look at the best way for students want to use English.  My Japanese skills are limited so that students want to use English to communicate with me.e limited so that students want to use English to communicate with me.

Zoi Fujioka

 My name is Zoi. I am from Italy and live in Japan since 2006.Italian is my native tongue and I'm also fluent in English.I have graduated from the University La Sapienta in Rome where I have studied Japanese language and culture.  I love Japan and find it an amazing place to live.  I have two kids, 5 and 6 years old girls.  My hobbies are reading and drawing.  I love dogs, cats and all of the animals on planet Earth.  But the thing I like the most is spending time with children.  At the end of the day when I am back home from Little Minds, I realize how much I gain from my students.  Kids are amazing.  At Little Minds everyone is free to express themselves, and I love being a part of the staff here.  I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Kumiko Yoshioka

 Hello, my name is Kumiko.I am Japanese.  I am one of the founders of Little Minds and have been working as a manager and member of staff since 2007. I am a mom of a teenage boy. I love riding my motorcycle and travel.  My dream was to create a perfect environment for children to learn and develop in.  I think at LMIS we have reached that goal working hard through the years to provide our students with the best curriculum and learning materials.  At LMIS we not only want each and every student to succeed academically, but also grow as an individuality,express one's self, experience lots of things together with the classmates, teachers and family members.  Over the years LMIS has organized dozens of events, big and small to introduce our students to different cultures and traditions.  We meet interesting people, go on various field trips and excursions , explore the ways to help others and keep on growing in many ways as a school and as human beings.  Our staff is represented by wonderful people from all over the world.  I truly enjoy working together with them and learn from each other.  I personally welcome everyone to join LMIS and experience our home-like , warm and friendly, but at the same time very challenging and exciting learning atmosphere. I hope to see you soon.

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