Big Minds Program

Big Minds Program Session 1
★授業回数:週1回 ~週3回コース
【開講日】 毎週月曜日~金曜日 50分/90分コース
50分コース 16:30~17:20
90分コース 16:30~18:00
【授業料】  50分コース 月額 9,720円~
【授業料】  90分コース 月額 12,960円~

Big Minds Program

Big Minds Program Session 2
★授業回数:週1回 ~週3回コース
【開講日】 毎週月曜日~金曜日 18:40~20:00(80分)
【授業料】 月額 12,960円~
【対象年齢】中学生・高校生 ※スキル別クラス編成あり


Big Minds Programは、小学4年生~6年生及び中学・高校生向けの英語学習強化型英語塾です。
高学年向きのプログラムとなりますので、落ち着いた雰囲気の中で集中して英語学習に取り組める教室作りと英検・JET(ジュニアイングリッシュテスト)TOEICの英語能力試験対応のクラスとして、初級~中級・上級者幅広く対応したクラスを準備しております。 短い時間の中でも楽しい授業内容を通して、理解力、読解力、スペル、ライティング、文法を練習します。また、少人数制の環境で英語を練習する機会があり、グローバルな課題や文化的テーマに関連する様々な興味深いトピックを勉強していきます。

 This class is aimed at students from junior high school age and is tailored for an intermediate to advanced level.
 Students in this class prepare for EIKEN, JET and TOEIC English proficiency tests.  We practice comprehension, reading, writing spelling, speaking, listening and grammar using a range of short and fun activities.
 Students have the opportunity to practice English in a small group environment which helps them gain the confidence needed to succeed.  We cover a variety of interesting topics related to global issues and cultural themes.
 New students will be asked to have a 30 minutes trial lesson (a short interview and a writing test) before joining one of the Big Minds Classes.
 Starting from February 2017 Big Minds classes will be held at the different location.  LMIS has prepared a convenient environment for our older students to study in smaller ratio groups divided by language skill level.  Our new location is in walking distance from LMIS and is easily accessible by train, bus or on foot.  We have our own bicycle parking space prepared.

 Good reasons to join Big Minds:

You want to do better at English
・You feel that your school English classes are too easy for you and you need a challenge
・you need help with your English homework
・you would like to be a fluent English speaker
・You need assistance while studying for your English proficiency test (EIKEN..etc.)
・you plan to study abroad and you need help while preparing

Big Minds teachers are great because:

  • they are experienced at working with different language skill students and know what kind of challenges and difficulties Japanese students experience while studying English (ex. pronouciation, sentence building...etc.)
  • they create an individual study plan just for you
  • they are native or multilingual educators who know their craft as ESL professionals
    many of the teachers speak fluent Japanese which helps while explaining difficult grammar rules
  • they love Japan, its people and culture
  • they will introduce you to various learning materials and books and let you borrow them to help you improve while studying at home
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    BIG MINDS(第2校舎)
    住所:東京都世田谷区世田谷2-23-1 ガーデンヒルズ2F

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How old do I have to be to join Big Minds class? -
    You need to be in the fourth grade at elementary school or older. However there are special cases when we accept younger students whose language skill is high.

    How big are the classes? -
    Elementary school students classes are designed for up to 6-8 students per class.
    Older students are divided into groups of maximum 6 students per class.

    Do you follow any special curriculum? -
    Big Minds teachers design each student's individual learning plan. We encourage our students to take on English proficiency test to gain confidence and motivate them to succeed. We use the best learning materials, have a big library of the latest tests and exercises published. We create our own materials and try to find the best way to work with each and every student.

    Can I take an English proficiency test at Big Minds? -
    Yes, you can. Big Minds works together with Junior English Test (JET) Program. You can check your language skill level by taking a test at Big Minds among the students and teachers you know with less reasons to be shy or nervous.

    What do I need in class? -
    Please, bring your own stationary and a notebook.

    ★ 新規ご入学生募集中 ★
    月曜日限定Language Artsプログラム


    ★  お問い合わせ方法 ★
    体験レッスンへのご参加をご希望の場合は『体験レッスンお申込みフォーム』 よりお申込み下さい。その他ご質問・お問い合わせはお電話・E-mail にて お気軽にご連絡下さい。

    ★ よくある質問 FAQ ★

    Q1. 英語が初めてでも大丈夫ですか?
    Q2. 先生は全員ネイティブですか?
    Q3. 親が英語を話せなくても大丈夫?



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